Govt Ensures Enough Supply of Sugar, Shallot despite Inflation



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaCentral Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that the increase in prices of food, beverage, cigarette, and tobacco, such as sugar, eggs, in the Consumer Price Index (IHK) was attributable to the inflation rate for March 2020.

    Based on the observations of 90 cities, the agency head Suhariyanto said the month-on-month inflation rate in March 2020 stands at 0.10 percent, and the year-on-year inflation rate stands at 2.96 percent.

    “The Inflation in this group is dominated by the price hike of eggs and shallots by 0.03 percent, and then sugar by 0.02 percent,” Suhariyanto said in a live broadcast on Wednesday, April 1.

    Suhariyanto underlined that the public needs for food will rise along with the arrival of Ramadan at the end of this month. Thus he hoped that the government would ensure the supply and distribution of the commodities in a bid to maintain affordable prices.

    “Of course, we hope the inflation during Ramadan and Lebaran (Eid al-Fitr) remains under control,” Suhariyanto added.

    Director-General Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Trade, Suhanto, explained that prices of staple needs throughout March 2020 were relatively stable than that of the previous month. However, he noted several price hikes, including sugar (25.2 percent to Rp18,200 per kg), shallot (15 percent to Rp41,000 per kg), and red chili (21.8 percent to Rp53.200 per kg).

    Despite the hike, Suhanto ensured that the supply of staple goods was sufficient to meet the public needs until Ramadan and before Eid. “Especially for sugar and garlic, we are trying to add the supply through imports and making the order to SOE,” Suhanto added.