5 Instagram's #stayhome Activities During Social Distancing



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Instagram hashtag #stayhome, or #dirumahaja in Indonesian, continues to dominate as people are advised to stay at home amid the government’s coronavirus social distancing policy. 

    Boredom might eventually loom over you as work and studying are done remotely from home for an extended amount of time. Tempo compiled 5 activities based on Instagram's #stayhome hashtags that could inspire you to remain motivated at home amid social distancing.

    1. Make creative Tik Tok contents!

    This might be a bit of a cheat as it involves another social platform, but many youngsters, and a few older generations, have used the app to entertain themselves and share their creativity on Instagram. Through the multitude of features available in the app, there is nearly an infinite amount of ‘ingredients’ to entertain yourself, family, and others.

    2. Set camp at home

    Setting up a tent and camping at home can be a great time-killer, or a change of environment to help you get through “working from home.” People who are used to spending their weekends hiking mountains can use this idea to vent your adventurous-side, although in a much simpler and less-challenging manner.

    3. Extended playtime with kids!

    Staying at home for parents with children means that you have more time you can use to spend with your kids. Remember all those activities your children like to tell you as you return from work? Now you can use this moment to actually spend it with them.

    4. Finish reading that book you always wanted to finish

    As you #stayhome, which isn’t clear when it would end, you can use the time to finish reading the book you always left beside your bed or read the books that you never expected to be interested in. There are also a plethora of e-book options available online that can entertain you.

    5. #stayhome but stay healthy by exercising 

    Exercising is one of the many important physical activities you should keep doing at home as your daily walk or commute, prior to social distancing, that has helped you keep in shape must be replaced by similar physical activities. There are many exercises you can do at home, such as pacing or jogging around your house, yoga, doing push-ups, and much more. 

    Remember, staying home amid the social distancing protocol does not relieve you from being both physically and mentally healthy.