Anies Baswedan Urges Jakartans to Order Groceries Online



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan appealed to all residents to shop groceries online in an effort to maintain social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Anies said the city administration had mobilized regional-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya to serve Jakartans willing to order groceries from homes. “People can now #belanjadarirumah (online shopping) by order directly to traders of Pasar Jaya markets,” said Anies on his Twitter account on Monday, March 30.

    Anies said that more than 80 markets are ready to serve the needs of Jakartans. This online shopping, he added, could also support the traders. “Let’s be discipline to #dirumahaja (stay at home) and help traders,” he said.

    Jakarta has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus infection in Indonesia. To prevent the virus from further spreading, Anies had many times instructed residents to remain at home. Leaving the house is only allowed if it is urgent and for purchasing basic needs.

    However, meeting the basic needs now can be done at home. As quoted from its website, PD Pasar Jaya prepared dozens of markets providing home delivery as follows:

    1. Pondok Labu Market
    2. Bukit Duri Market
    3. Mede Market
    4. Radio Dalam Market
    5. Shanta Market
    6. Cidodol Market
    7. Cipete Selatan Market
    8. Rumput Market 
    9. Mampang Prapatan Market
    10. Cipete utara Market
    11. Tebet Timur Market
    12. Tebet Barat Market
    13. Pesanggrahan Market
    14. Mede Market
    15. Karbela Market
    16. Lenteng Agung Market
    17. Warung Buncit Market
    18. Pondok Indah Market
    19. Cakung Market
    20. Kramat Jati Market
    21. Sawah Besar Market
    22. Jatinegara Market
    23. Ciracas Market
    24. Jambul Market
    25. Klender Market
    26. Palmeriam Market 
    27. Cipinang Muara Market
    28. Rawamangun Market
    29. Pulogadung Market 
    30. Sukapura Market 
    31. Waru Market
    32. Koja Baru Market
    33. Walang Baru Market
    34. Kelapa Gading Market
    35. Menteng Pulo Market
    36. Rawa Badak Market
    37. Lontar Market
    38. Pademangan Barat Market
    39. Sunter Podomoro Market
    40. Pecah Kulit Market
    41. Teluk Gong Market 
    42. Jembatan Dua Market
    43. Kampung Puri Market
    44. Kedoya Market
    45. Jelambar Polri Market
    46. Kalideres Market
    47. Citra Garden Market
    48. Duta Mas Market
    49. Slipi Market
    50. Grogol Market
    51. Bojong Indah Market
    52. Ganefo Market
    53. Tomang Barat Market
    54. Timbul Barat Market
    55. Palmerah Market
    56. Bendungan Hilir Market
    57. Gandaria Market
    58. Lontar Kebun Melati Market
    59. Johar Baru Market
    60. Gembrong Market
    61. Cideng Market
    62. Gang Kancil Market
    63. Jembatan Lima Market
    64. Jembatan Besi Market
    65. Bungur Market
    66. Paseban Market
    67. Penjagalan Market
    68. Petojo Enclek Market
    69. Renges Market
    70. Glodok Market
    71. Baru Metro Atom Market
    72. Gardu Asem Market
    73. Karang Anyar Market
    74. Kombongan Market
    75. Senen Blok III Market
    76. Senen Blok VI Market
    77. Timbul Kartani Market
    78. Kwitang Dalam Market
    79. Sumur Batu Market
    80. Rawasari Market
    81. Lontar Sumur Melati Market
    82. Cempaka Putih Market
    83. Pasar Minggu Market
    84. Kramat Jati Central Market