Rare Nintendo PlayStation Game Console Sold at Rp5 Billion



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A prototype of Nintendo Playstation, a rare game console that never came to market, had sold out with price $360,000 or Rp 5 Billion in an auction event last weekend.

    Greg McLemore, the founder of Pets.com and Toys.com become the winner of that auction, outbidding other collectors including Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR.

    McLemore said that console is the most expensive thing that he has ever buy. "That is very precious especially when combined with the rest of my collection," he said to CNN.

    Nintendo PlayStation is one of the 200 prototypes that made from the failed partnership between Sony and Nintendo in 1991. This device unit is Super NES with CD-ROM.

    Valerie Mclekie from Heritage Auctions said that the others 199 prototypes had been destroyed when the partnership between Sony and Nintendo failed. At the same time, Sony launches its first PlayStation in 1994.

    McLemore's collection now is more than 800 device that runs by coin, game, magazine and the smaller art, with those collections, McLemore will make a museum.

    Quoted from Polygon, the prototype of this Nintendo PlayStation has found by Terry Diebold in a box that has ever had by former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson. They work together in Advanta Corporation and when the company bankrupt, that console is one of many items that ended in a private auction.

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