Batam Quarantines Dozens Ship Crews on Board to Prevent COVID-19



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Batam - To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus or COVID-19, the Batam Port Health Office quarantined a total of 27 ship crews on a boat in Batam waters. The number increased from initially 12 people.

    The Head of Batam Port Health Office Class 1, Achmad Farchanny, explained the boat was previously boarded by a woman, 37, who later tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Singapore. Before being declared of having contracted the virus, the person spent days and traveled to Batam.

    “[All ship crews] are in good health. They are being quarantined in two ships,” said Achmad, adding that the quarantine on board provided by the boat firm was at their request.

    However, Achmad balked at revealing the exact quarantine location, mentioning that the health officers had taken specimens or SWAP of the 12 crews and submitted it to the Health Ministry’s laboratory.

    The office, he added, was still tracing passengers who were in the same boat with the woman. The government had also notified Singapore in light of foreign citizens on board. “To be followed up by Singapore’s Health Ministry,” Achmad said.

    Even though the quarantine was taking place on board, Achmad ensured ease of access for health officers to control the crews’ condition.

    Previously reported, a woman tested positive for the COVID-19 in Singapore after returning from Batam. The Singapore government then notified Indonesia to track the woman’s trips during her sojourn.