Police Investigates the Finding of Illegal Radioactive Substances



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The owner of the illegal radioactive substance that was found in a vacant lot in the Batan Indah housing complex is said to be a registered employee of the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN). 

    However, police noted that they are unable to confirm the direct connection of the substance that was found and the owner as the scene is currently under strict decontamination. Police continue to work closely with the Nuclear Agency Regulatory Agency (Bapeten) and BATAN.

    “The links [between the two] are under investigation,” said National Police Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Argo Yuwono to Antara on Tuesday, February 25. 

    The source of radiation found to be in the 10x10 section of the Blok A22 house is Caesium-137, which is frequently used for industrial purposes. 

    Argo said police are still questioning several witnesses and the owner of the house where the substance was found to determine how the radioactive chemical substance was disposed of in the lot of the Blok A22 house. 

    BATAN spokesperson Heru Umbara said the agency is still conducting an investigation on the possible suspect, which includes the owner of the house. He was also tight-lipped regarding the details of the house owner. “We do not know the owner, but the person might go into retirement in a month’s time,” said Heru.