Telkom Spills Out Reasons for Blocking Netflix



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Netflix. REUTERS

    Netflix. REUTERS

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The director of consumer services of telecom operator Telkom, Siti Choiriana, stated that access to Netflix was still being shut down as they have yet to see eye to eye on a partnership. However, she claimed her side had continued communicating with Netflix to seek common ground to date.

    “Until now, we are still having intense communication, and hopefully there will be an agreement soon. We will surely open [the access], stay calm,” said Siti in the SCBD area, Jakarta, Monday, February 24.

    Siti explained that her side needed to ensure that the cooperation with the US-based online film streaming services could generate good impacts on the community. Yet, they have yet to reach an agreement on three aspects, viz. legal, business, and technical issues.

    “We have many concerns about them [Netflix], but I cannot reveal them,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Telkom VP of corporate communications Arif Prabowo asserted that his company did not treat Netflix differently from other streaming platforms available in Telkom Group. “Our partnership must comply with all existing regulations,” Arif said, adding there was no discrimination.

    “[It’s] similar to [our ties with] Iflix and HOOQ, a business partnership seeks profits, but we don’t consider it only because there are rules, especially about the contents. Because we must protect the community at every level,” he underlined.

    As widely reported, Telkom has blocked Netflix since 2016, by the time the latter entered the Indonesian market. As a result, customers of internet service providers Telkomsel and IndiHome cannot access the popular streaming video site.