KPK Reminds State Officials to Report Wealth before March 31



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaCorruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has again reminded all state officials to immediately submit a mandatory wealth report or LHKPN before the deadline.

    “The time limit is set until March 31, 2020,” said KPK acting spokesman Ali Fikri in a written statement, Friday, February 21.

    As of February 20, KPK recorded that the national compliance rate of the wealth report among the state institutions of executive, judicative, legislative, and state or regional-owned enterprises was still low at 38.90 percent, or 138,803 of the total 356,854 state officials.

    Ali mentioned that seven special staffers of the President from the millennials had completed their wealth report within the specified time limit of February 20 or three months after they were appointed, while the other six special staffers yet to submit a report.

    As for the special staffers for the Vice President, one of the three had submitted their periodical wealth report, while the rest five officials must make the report no longer than February 24.

    “For the Presidential Advisory Board, two of the total nine advisors are obliged to make a periodical wealth report, while the rest seven must submit it before March 12,” Ali added.

    As per February 18, Ali went on, all leaders of KPK and the supervisory boards had fulfilled the mandatory wealth report. Meanwhile for the internal workers, the anti-graft body set the deadline on February 28. Per February 20, the level of compliance has reached 92.8 percent, Ali concluded.