Megawati Hopes No Party Building Political Dynasty



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPDIP Chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri delivered hopes that no political party in Indonesia building a dynasty, wishing them to prioritize cadres rather than family members.

    “So the party will develop. Don’t make a party a family group. I am fed-up with this. This is the last time I give such a chance [for this to exist]. But in 2024 [election], I want all young people to come forward,” said Mega during a briefing for candidates to run in the regional election in PDIP HQ, Jakarta, Wednesday, February 19.

    She admitted she was annoyed there was a party pressing his or her family member to join the contest of the 2024 general election, instead of nominating the party’s cadre. 

    “Just stop that. If you have a child, and he or she is not capable, don’t take a force. I am annoyed by this. There are people like that, you see. Why forcing? It’s like there is no one [to support]. Cadres are your children too,” Mega underlined.

    The fifth president of Indonesia opined that the country’s politics will change and regeneration will take the place. She said that her figure has started to fade so that young people must be encouraged. But in fact, there are still people ordering their family members such as a spouse, children up to nephews to be a candidate in the election.

    Megawati further said that she never coerced her children to follow her footsteps. “I told my children, ‘you become what you pursue’. Some people said that Puan appointed as the DPR speaker because of me. How could it be? She has a huge voice that no one can hold. Just don’t say like that. I am fed-up with that,” she concluded.