Karen Idol's Daughter Taken out from Grave for Autopsy



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The police took out the body of Zefania Carina Claproth, the daughter of former Indonesian Idol contestant Karen Pooroe (better known as Karen Idol), from her grave in Tanah Kusir, South Jakarta. The body will be taken for autopsy for investigative purposes.

    The process of taking out the body began this morning, February 19, undertaken by the Tanah Kusir Publir Cemetary service workers and under the supervision of the police's crime unit.

    Several family member's and Karen's lawyer Wemmy Amanupunyo were present.

    The South Jakarta Police scheduled an autopsy today to discover the cause of death of the little girl. Karen approved the police's autopsy request on Thursday, February 13.

    Zafenia' father Arya Satria Claproth also agreed to the autopsy. Arya gave the approval after attending a third questioning at the South Jakarta Police station on Friday, February 14.