Second Phase of MRT Construction to be Completed in 2024



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The construction on the first stage of phase II of the MRT which has started from the HI Roundabout to the Kota Station, is targeted for completion in 2024 due to the challenging track conditions.

    "The 2.8 kilometer long tunnel stretches from the HI Roundabout to Sarinah, with two underground stations, at Thamrin and Monas. The value of this contract is around Rp4.5 trillion. The construction will continue for 58 months with a target of completion by December 2024," Jakarta MRT President Director William Sabandar said after signing the contract with the Shimizu-Adhi Karya Consortium at the HI Roundabout Station, Jakarta, Monday.

    The construction of the second phase took 58 months because this line passed through the cultural preservation, Ciliwung River flow and softer land in North Jakarta, Jakarta MRT Construction Director Silvia Halim explained.

    "At least 58 months, because there are indeed technical challenges that are different from Phase 1. Examples such as softer soil conditions in North Jakarta. Then various old buildings and cultural preservation, then also the Ciliwung River in the middle, between Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Hayam Wuruk, "Silvia Halim said.

    Therefore, the company must ensure that construction is built in detail and safety aspects are guaranteed.

    "All of these physical conditions must be handled with care. Development methods must also be better and stronger. We ensure that this development will be on schedule and on quality. This is why we need more time, " She said.

    The first stage of phase II starts from HI Roundabout Station to Kota Station with a total length of six kilometers and consists of seven underground stations namely Thamrin, Monas, Harmoni, Sawah Besar, Mangga Besar, Glodok, and Kota.

    The second phase of the construction project of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT Jakarta or Ratangga) is divided into IIA and IIB phases.

    The route of the project’s IIA phase starts from Hotel Indonesia to Stasiun Kota, while the IIB phase beginning from Stasiun Kota until Ancol.

    Phase IIA construction is divided into three civil contract packages. The construction period of Phase IIA will begin in March 2020 and is targeted for completion in December 2024.

    The signing of the CP 201 work contract between PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) and Shimizu - Adhi Karya JV (SAJV) marked the start of Phase IIA development project work.


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