KPK Deputy Chief Says Many PPATK Reports Remain Unhandled



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Deputy Chief of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Nawawi Pomolango, said that many analysis reports made by the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK) are yet to be processed by the KPK.

    "So many analysys reports passed on by our friends at the PPATK is like becoming unclaimed archive," Nawawi said on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

    Nawawi asserted that this conditions one of the main reason for KPK leaders to establish three task forces. The plan to establish the task forces has been delivered in a meeting with the House of Representatives on January 2020. The three task forces are the sting operation task force, money laundering task force, and case development task force.

    According to KPK Deputy Chief Alexander Marwata, the division is needed for human resources management in KPK. Alexander explained that currently, most of KPK's staffs are focusing on sting operation. "In the future, we have agreed to establish separate task forces to handle sting operation, case building, and money laundering," he said.

    Nawawi said that the establishment of the new task force received negative comments from KPK's internal elements. "I have to admit, ontroducing something new will always responded with cynicism and rejection from a system that is considered to have run 'very well'," Nawawi said.

    Nawawi set an example of a number of the questions raised by internal KPK elements when discussing the plan. Nawawi said that some people said that the plan needs to be discussed first.

    Meanwhile, others said that without a separation of authorities, the task force has been running well. "Or [the plan] is difficult, or we have limited houman resources," Nawawi explained.

    A KPK official denied the rejection from KPK's internal elements related to the plan to establish the three task forces. The officials said that there has been a miscommunication between KPK leaders and its staffs, causing a number of unconfirmed rumors. Meanwhile, some KPK staffs were worried that the plan was initiated to remove a number of officials from their posts. "[We are] concerned that it will be used as exile task force, or to move people, the leaders should have confirmed that this is not true," the official said.