Jakarta Examines 52 Individuals for Coronavirus



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The recent outbreak of coronavirus has gained everyone's attention nowadays. This includes the Jakarta regional government which had examined 52 individuals with risks of being infected with the novel coronavirus, also known as coronavirus, or COVID-19.

    Chief of the Disease Prevention and Control of the Jakarta Province Health Agency Dwi Oktavia Handayani, said that data concerning the coronavirus infection were summarized up until February 12, 2020.

    "So far, there is no one that has been confirmed with COVID-19 infection," Dwi said in a written statement on Friday evening, February 14, 2020.

    Dwi however, did not provide further detail concerning the examination of the 52 individuals. Dwi asserted that the examination were conducted in an effort to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the capital.

    The Jakarta Health Agency, said Dwi, has carried out six early anticipation measures that is currently ongoing. The first measure is to disseminate information on COVID-19 awareness to hospitals, community health centers and clinics.

    The second measure is establishing 50 COVID-19 consultation teams in all regions to provide education to people in residential areas, offices, and other locations. The third measure is conducting education and information dissemination events, which up to February 12, 2020, has been conducted in 303 locations with a total of 11,063 participants.

    The fourth measure is to spread infoemation and education to the public through different platforms of mass media and social media. The fifth measure is providing a 24-hours hotline through the following number: 0813-8837-6955. The sixth measure is to raise awareness on coronavirus by involving cross-institution parties such as private parties, professional organizations, family empowerment and welfare, and other public elements.