Mahfud Md: ISIS Supporters will Lose Citizenship



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md stated that Indonesian nationals who joined ISIS as foreign terrorist fighters automatically lost their citizenship, as well as their rights as citizens, the moment they did so.

    "Among the reasons that a person can lose their citizenship status is when they join the activities of foreign troops. This is regulated in Law No.12/2006 on Citizenship, Article 23 Paragraph 1 Item D," Mahfud Md said in his office on Thursday. February 13.

    Similarly, the President's Chief of Staff Moeldoko stated that the people who joined ISIS are currently regarded as not having citizenship or stateless. That, Maldoko said, is because they burned their own passports.

    Mahfud Md said the law stipulates that the revocation of citizenship is carried out by the president through a legal process. The administrative process begins with the validation of the ISIS Ex-Indonesian citizen data. Then, the verified data is submitted to the president for him to use as the basis for issuing a presidential decree (Keppres).

    "It is an administrative legal process, so it is not a court process."

    He said that the validation of 689 people who left Indonesia to join ISIS is being carried. Special teams have been sent to check their identity data. Their names and profiles were obtained by the government with help from a number of national and international institutions, such as BIN, CIA, and the Red Cross to name some.

    Mahfud Md could not say when the decree of citizenship revocation will be issued. "You have to ask that to the president," he said.

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