Wednesday, 19 February 2020

South Tangerang Religious Agency Calls for No Valentine's Day



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, South Tangerang - The head of the South Tangerang religious affairs office, Abdul Rojak, appealed to the public and students to not celebrating Valentine's Day.

    “This is just an appeal to not celebrate and magnify it because, in these days, Valentine’s day deviates from its real purpose,” said Rojak on Thursday, February 13.

    According to Rojak, the day which is identic with the shades of red or pink has been identified as promiscuity and other negative connotations. While in fact, the romantic day means to express one’s love to another.

    “Its meaning becomes bias now. So we forbid the celebration if it is for wrong purposes. There is no time-bound to express love to each other. It can be at any time and for a lifetime,” Rojak added.

    He asserted that his statement was a mere appeal, not a prohibition because the religious affairs office of South Tangerang (Tangerang Selatan) had no authority to ban the commemoration of the day.

    “We can be blamed if we ban it instantly because there are many people who take the moment to arouse compassion,” said Rojak, mentioning an example of children giving their parents flowers or chocolate during the special day, which he deemed a kind of devotion.

    “But in this millennial era, Valentine's Day is identic with party, alcohol and sex party, that we must anticipate,” Rojak concluded.