Monas Unavailable for Formula E; Anies Advised to Lobby Ministry



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gerindra Jakarta Chairperson Muhamad Taufik suggested Governor Anies Baswedan hold more discussion with State Secretariat Ministry following the rejection of the plan to use Monas area for Formula E race venue.

    “That’s fine if it’s rejected at first, we should not give up. Just explain it again, discuss it further,” said Taufik when met in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Thursday, February 6.

    Earlier reports suggested that the ministry refused to give the permit considering the National Monument or Monas is one of the cultural heritage sites.

    Taufik opined that Anies could lobby the ministry as he did for the revitalization of Monas which now the project was being resumed.

    The Gerindra politician considered the eco-friendly race of the electric cars extremely vital for the capital city as it would help to attract global tourists and boost the province’s revenue.

    However, if State Secretary Ministry was still determined about the decision, Anies must prepare alternative locations so that the establishment of the international event stays on schedule in June, Taufik added.

    Previously, Anies Baswedan expressed optimism that the Formula E will still be held on June 6, 2020, despite the Monas area was not available. Anies claimed there are a lot of alternatives for the race track under discussion.