Police Foil Distribution of over 200 Kg Crystal Meth



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Metro Jaya Police Chief Insp. Gen. Nana Sudjana revealed that the crystal meth carried by three drug couriers, or drug mules, who were arrested in Merak originally intended to be distributed to the capital city of Jakarta. 

    “The meth weighing 288 kilograms was meant to be sold in the area of Jakarta,” said Nana in the location of the arrest at the Pagedangan sub-district, Tangerang, on Thursday, January 30. 

    To develop the case, the police chief said that the cellular phones belonging to the three suspects will be probed in search of the drug kingpin. 

    Nana expected that the methamphetamine is closely-linked to an international drug network as the drug packages are written with the code “555”, suggesting that it came from Iran. 

    The 288-kilogram crystal meth was packaged individually for each kilogram. One kilogram of this illegal drug is predicted to be worth up to Rp3 million, which makes the entire drug catch worth Rp864 billion if it were indeed sold in the streets of Jakarta.