Helmy Yahya Spills Reason behind TVRI Purchase of EPL Program



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaHelmy Yahya has spoken up the reasons behind the broadcast of English Premier League or EPL, instead of the Indonesian League, in the state-run television station TVRI back when he served as the broadcaster’s president director.

    “If people ask why we don’t purchase Indonesian League broadcasting rights, that’s because of the price which is four to five times higher than that of the EPL,” said Helmy during a meeting with the House of Representatives' (DPR) Commission I at the parliamentary complex, Jakarta, January 28.

    Helmy reiterated that TVRI did not spend a huge budget to purchase the EPL broadcasting rights, which was only US$3 million for one season with Mola TV committing to purchase an advertisement worth US$1 million so that the state-owned agency had only to pay US$2 million per season.

    In addition, TVRI obtained the rights to broadcast 76 matches and the preview, highlights, up to the trailers after the match. “That’s only Rp130 million per match,” Helmy stressed, adding that the purchase aimed at attracting more viewers.

    “TV station needs killer content, a monster program worth a high price so that people will interest to choose the channel. Premier League is a showcase, a display window so people will come and see our other programs,” he remarked.

    Previously, the head of TVRI supervisory board Pamungkas Trishadiatmoko said on Tuesday, January 21, that Helmy Yahya’s dismissal was agreed on the meeting with the House’s Commission I due to the purchasing rights of EPL as he considered it might cause a default.