Ombudsman RI Calls for a Temporary Ban on Chinese Nationals



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Commissioner of the Indonesian Ombudsman (Ombudsman RI) La Ode Ida urged the government to issue a temporary travel ban for workers and tourists coming from China. He said that it is needed to prevent the spread of coronavirus that originates from the Chinese province of Wuhan.

    “Related to the emergence of the coronavirus, the Indonesian government should immediately issue a ban on workers from China,” said La Ode Ida in a press conference on Monday, January 27.

    Moreover, La Ode Ida said the government should register the plethora of Chinese workers that have already arrived in Indonesia for further tests needed to determine whether they are not infected by the deadly virus. 

    International reports suggest that 56 people have died due to the coronavirus that originated from Wuhan Province. 

    The Ombudsman RI commissioner blatantly said that protecting the lives of Indonesians should be prioritized above other interests, especially if other interests involve securing foreign investments. 

    “The Indonesian government is responsible for the protection of its citizens from the dangers of the coronavirus that could probably be carried by workers or tourists from China,” said La Ode Ida today.

    He also revealed that Chinese workers arrive in Indonesia on a daily basis, especially in Southeast Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. He claims that a 2018 investigation by the Ombudsman RI found these workers generally work for smelters established by Chinese foreign investments.