Foreign Affairs Ministry Confirms Safety of 94 Indonesians



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that there are 93 Indonesian still trapped in Wuhan, China. The Indonesian citizens are unable to leave the city due to the isolation of Wuhan by the Chinese government to contain the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Nevertheless, Director for Indonesian Citizen and Legal Entity Protection of the Indonesian Foreign Minister Judha Nugraha confirmed that Indonesian citizens in Wuhan are not infected by the virus. "Currently the 93 Indonesian citizens are in healthy condition. Majority of the Indonesians are college students living in dorms," Judha said when contacted by Tempo on Saturday, Januay 25, 2020.

    Judha said that the Foreign Affairs Ministry continue to monitor the condition in Wuhan. Coordination continue to be carried out with the Indonesian Embassy office in China, and also with the Association of Indonesian Chinese Students (PPIT).

    "The Foreign Affairs Office, Embassy in Beijing, and PPIT have formed a new We Chat group to monitor the situation and provide necessary assistance," Judha said.

    Latest report said that the Coronavirus has killed 41 people in China. The virus was initially discovered in Wuhan. Even today, the virus has spread to 13 other cities in China, and affected 41 million people.

    The Chinese goevrnment has established a special team consisting of 14 experts to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, army medics have also been mobilized by China to anticipate worse effects.