Muhammadiyah Officially Labels Vaping Haram



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Vaping illustration. AFP/

    Vaping illustration. AFP/

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organizations, Muhammadiyah, has officially labeled vaping or the act of consuming e-cigarettes haram. This is mentioned in the Decree No. 01/PER/I.1/E/2020 dated January 14, 2020, in Yogyakarta. 

    Muhammadiyah’s fatwa and guidance development division member, Wawan Gunawan Abdul Wahid, explained the organization had to issue such a fatwa so as to reaffirm its stand on cigarette smoking. 

    “Vaping from e-cigarettes is considered haram as is conventional cigarette smoking. This is categorized in the act of [consciously] endangering oneself,” said Wawan in the gathering of Muhammadiyah regional leaders of Central Java and Yogyakarta on Friday, January 24. 

    Moreover, Wawan said the organization saw the act of vaping shared similar addictive substances and toxic elements as carried by conventional cigarettes. He also asserted that the use of e-cigarettes was no safer compared to tobacco-based cigarettes. 

    He also maintained that not one medical expert scientifically claimed that vaping was entirely risk-free, and also mentioned studies that he claimed had found carcinogenic elements in vaping. 

    “Those who have not smoked or do not smoke must avoid e-cigarettes at all costs. However, those who have already become smokers must greatly attempt to kick the habit of smoking,” said Wawan.

    Muhammadiyah has also officially recommended the central government or regional administrations issue policies that completely forbid e-cigarettes and conventional tobacco cigarettes.