Jakarta Cuts Down 190 Trees in Monas



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  As many as 190 trees at the National Monument (Monas) area were cut down. The head of National Monument management Muhammad Isa Sarnuri said the act was part of the revitalization program in the area.

    "The southern area will be a green zone," he told Tempo on Thursday, January 16.

    Sarnuri said a plaza and pond will be built in the green area. The revitalization of monuments and footpaths will also be executed. He explained that the revitalization is the follow up of the competition project in 2018.

    Previously, the Pedestrian Coalition through its Twitter account @trotoarian uploaded an image of one of Jakarta's open spaces after its trees were cut down. "When big cities around the world are competing to plant as many as trees, Jakarta, in the meanwhile, cut down the trees at Monas for the revitalization of the area," they tweeted.

    The pedestrian coalition admitted that they support a development that prioritizes the environment. "We're not anti-development but what we regret is the way they do it. Trees have great benefits, [it] shouldn't be cut down."

    Taufiq Siddiq