10 People Stuck in Metro Tanah Abang Elevator



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Metro Tanah Abang shopping center in Central Jakarta temporarily stopped the operation of its elevator on Thursday morning, January 16. Tanah Abang Police Chief of the criminal unit, Commissioner Supriyadi, said the elevator suddenly stopped during its way up from the second to the third floor.

    "The elevator was stuck after about one meter going up," Supriyadi said Thursday, January 16.

    He said the incident occurred at around 08:00. About 10 people were stuck in the elevator for 5-10 minutes; one of them was a security officer.

    The security officer immediately contacted technicians. Soon after, the technicians manually opened the elevator door on the third floor. The police said it was caused by an error in the machine.

    Earlier, a video showed an elevator stopped in an odd position. Based on Tempo's observation, only half of the elevator's body was shown with the door being opened. 

    Three officers in front of the door helped the people stuck inside to get out. They had to lift their legs and climbed out of the elevator.

    Lani Diana Wijaya