Psychiatrist Shares Ways to Help Sexual Assault Survivors



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Illustration of sexual violence. Doc. Marisa Kuhlewein (QUT) and Rachel Octaviani (UPH)

    Illustration of sexual violence. Doc. Marisa Kuhlewein (QUT) and Rachel Octaviani (UPH)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Psychiatrist Gina Anindyajati offered two crucial points we can practice upon treating sexual assault survivors. In terms of helping the problem faced by the victims, she maintains it can be done in two ways; professionally and personally. 

    In the professional capacity, Gina elaborates that “Indonesian law enforcers can produce a Law covering sexual assault, medical personnel can provide the victims according to their capacity as well.” She also asserts that teachers are required to report any sexual assault cases and firmly punish the suspect. 

    Meanwhile, in personal terms, the psychiatrist said it relies on our position as the victim’s relatives, close friends, work acquaintances, or colleague. 

    “In general, as the sexual assault victim’s family members, close friends, or colleagues, we must avert from judgment moreover distancing oneself from the survivor,” she said.

    She called for the aforementioned group to remain supportive, considerate, and maintain a good relationship with the survivors of sexual assault cases as “that is what the victim truly needs.”

    However, Gina Anindyajati maintains that in terms of professional or personal capacity, we must empathize with the survivors as it helps us think clearly to assist both the victims and suspects affected in sexual assault cases.