Iran - US Tension Brings Jet Fuel Worries to Indonesian Airlines



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian airliners, Citilink Indonesia and Lion Air, stated they continue to closely monitor the development of the conflict between Iran and the United States, as the tension between the two will impact the price of jet fuel or avtur. Citilink even announced it has prepared a contingency plan. 

    VP Corporate Secretary Citilink Indonesia, Resty Kusandarin, said rising jet fuel prices can be felt currently, despite not being too significant and not applying fuel hedging. 

    “[Citilink] has applied capacity adjustments to further boost efficiency in facing the possible rise of jet fuel prices,” said Resty on Sunday. 

    Other plans Citilink has prepared include a total evaluation of flight routes, especially routes with seat load factor (SLF) below 50 percent. 

    Meanwhile, Corporate Communications Strategic Lion Air Group Danang M. Prihantoro admitted he is unable to reveal the airliner’s anticipative measures in facing the Iran - United States tension.

    “We can yet provide any statements regarding the price of jet fuel or avtur. However, he said he would look closely on further developments,” said the Lion Air Group member.