Jokowi: Country Void of Deficit will Gain True Independence



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPresident Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has asked for the assistance of ambassadors to boost Indonesia’s exports and investments to tackle the country’s trade balance and current account deficit. 

    The president used the meeting at the State Palace to establish that Indonesia will only be truly independent once it no longer experiences economic deficits. 

    “Once our current account balance turns positive, well then, that is when we are truly independent,” he said in the state-meeting with the head of the Indonesian republic representatives on Thursday, January 9.

    According to Jokowi, Indonesia can no longer fear other nations once that position has been achieved as it would mean the country would no longer need to be financially dependent on other countries. 

    “That is our goal, economically, in the next 3-4 years,” he asserted. 

    In order to reach this goal, Indonesian ambassadors are asked to understand the government’s priority, which he said is closely related to import substitution products and energy. He also called for the country’s representatives abroad to seek investors that are experts in the field of processing palm oil to jet fuel (avtur). 

    Moreover, to increase exports, President Joko Widodo talked about eyeing on the traditional segment and called for ambassadors to establish connections with non-traditional states Indonesia has already established relations with, such as Africa, East Europe, Central Asia, and South Asia.