Banten Needs Rp109bn for Disaster Recovery



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaBanten administration said it needs some Rp109 billion to revamp infrastructures and bridges damaged from the recent natural disaster in the province. In detail, Rp90 billion is required to renovate road constructions and the rest Rp19 billion for the renovation of bridges.

    “We will use the budget from the Public Works Unit and unexpected cost,” said Governor Wahidin Halim on Wednesday, January 8.

    According to him, the damaged road constructions will be carried out after the completion of bridge revitalization. “We prioritize the renovation of bridges,” said Wahidin.

    Meanwhile, Lebak Public Works and Housing Agency head Maman Suparman noted a total of 31 public facilities were wrecked. “There are 29 damaged bridges consists of 22 non-permanent suspension bridges, 3 permanent suspension bridges, 3 composite bridges, and one frame bridge, as well as two road sections in subdistricts and villages,” Maman outlined.

    Massive flood and landslides hit 12 villages across six sub-districts of Lebak, forcing 17,000 people or 4,368 families to flee their homes.