Psycologist Talks of Reynhard Sinaga's Sexual Assault Case



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaReynhard Sinaga, a doctoral student from Indonesia, recently grabbed the public spotlight, especially Indonesians, after he was reportedly convicted of 159 sexual attacks including rapes against 48 males in Manchester, the United Kingdom.

    A clinical psychologist Kasandra Putranto said many factors could determine the sexual crimes committed by Reynhard, who is described as the most prolific rapist in British legal history. Such a potential to carry out an assault, albeit it is not visible, can cause great damage, she added.

    "Intellectual intelligence is not directly linked to emotional and social intelligence. I often meet religious families having their children dealing with terrible sexual experiences without the family knowing," Kasandra said.

    She assessed that the drug similar to GHB or Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate used by Reynhard to paralyze its victims has been widely circulated and is easily obtained.

    "Yes, there is a drug (similar to GHB). Date rape drugs have been widely distributed and are easily purchased which can drop people’s awareness and relaxes the muscles. So they will not fell sexual penetration and even fall asleep and snoring," Kasandra explained.

    However, Kasandra said she could not yet able to determine the type of disorder in Reynhard since further examination has not been taken yet.

    "What is clear is, for forensic psychology, that is a crime involving serial sexual violence," she added.

    Following this shocking case of Reynhard Sinaga, Kasandra appealed to all people from various groups, and not just women, in any social circle to increase awareness.