17,200 People Affected by Flood, Landslide in Banten's Lebak



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Lebak - Lebak Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) recorded the total number of people affected by flash floods and landslides in Lebak, Banten, reached 17,200 or 4,368 families.

    The disaster hit 12 villages in six sub-districts, namely Lebak Gedong, Cipanas, Sajira, Curug Bitung, Maja, and Cimarga.

    “All people affected by the natural disaster are evacuated in eight evacuation posts,” said the Lebak BPBD acting head Kaprawi on Sunday, January 5.

    The eight posts are located in the PGRI building in Sajira Sub-district, Calungbungur Village, Tambak Village of Cimarga sub-district, Cipanas District Office, Curugbitung sub-district, and Lebak Gedong sub-district building.

    According to Kaprawi, the victims had fleed their homes since the flood hit on Wednesday, January 1. Some 1,000 houses were severely damaged and even razed to the ground.

    “We prioritize in distributing foods and providing health service to prevent food insecurity and infectious disease,” Kaprawi added.

    The most severe flash flood and landslide, the Lebak BPBD head went on, occurred in villages of Lebak Gedong as they were located near illegal mining sites at the foot of Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNHGS) and Ciberang river.

    Presently, said Kaprawi, his side along with the Indonesian Military or TNI, Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency), National Police, and volunteers focus on handling disasters to reduce the risks. Distribution of aid packages for the victims also continued to be carried out to ensure the needs of affected Banten residents.