Saturday, 22 February 2020

Another Landslide Hits Bogor's Sukajaya, Isolates 2 Villages



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaAnother landslide hit Sukajaya District of Bogor or precisely in Ciputih Tonggoh, Jayaraharja Village on Sunday, January 5 at 10:05 p.m. when residents from other villages were picking up the aid packages brought by volunteers.

    The aid packages were planned to be distributed through forests or mountains for affected residents as their villages could not be yet accessible by vehicles.

    "Yes, the area is still vulnerable [to landslide]. We will perhaps conduct a search on (Monday) morning. Hopefully, they are survived," said Soleh, a 52-year-old Siberani resident who was waiting for aid distribution, Sunday night, January 5.

    Soleh hoped residents who crossed Mount Handarusa could return safely to their destination. According to him, residents from other villages must walk as far as three kilometers to meet the needs of isolated residents. 

    Two villages affected by landslides in Sukajaya District are Urug and Siberani village.

    One of the village’s neighborhood heads, Mumuh, said that he would immediately report the following landslide to the Indonesian Military or TNI and Police officers, hoping they could immediately evacuate and search for residents entering the mountain area. 

    Mumuh said his side could not immediately comb the forest areas due to fear of possible other landslides

    Some dozen people reportedly rushed into Mount Handarusa areas as they received aid packages at around 9:00 pm to reach isolated villages. One of them said that they were in a hurry because the residents were already waiting for help. "They are starving, waiting for us to bring food," said a resident.