Flooding; Anies Baswedan Claims Some 5000 People Still Evacuated



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe number of evacuees has significantly decreased per today, January 2, as the flood that hit several Jakarta areas has receded, said Governor Anies Baswedan.

    “There were some 19,000 evacuees tomorrow, and the number decreases significantly today,” said Anies while inspecting Kampung Pulo in East Jakarta, Thursday, January 2.

    “We predict there are some 5,000 people who cannot return home yet.”

    According to Anies, the number of evacuees dropped drastically because people usually left the evacuation post as soon as the water receded to clean their homes.

    The government has also started to clean the streets from waste or mud produced from Wednesday’s flood, including in Kampung Pulo areas.

    “Water pumps from the firefighting agency are used to clean the mud so the road can be functioned as normal,” Anies added.

    At present, he said, the government mobilized a total of 487 units of water pumps which are spread in 178 locations.

    In addition, 122 mobile pumps are deployed to draw waters inundated the city’s areas. “Flooding still occurs in West Jakarta areas. Alhamdulillah, it gradually recedes in other regions."

    Anies Baswedan said his administration had ensured the availability of logistic supplies for the evacuees. He also called on people to help each other affecting by the flooding.