Death Toll in Two-Day Flooding Rises to 21



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Social Minister Juliari Batubara said the flooding that hit Jakarta Greater Area or Jabodetabek until now, Thursday, January 2, has claimed 21 lives. The ministry, he added, will hand out compensation of Rp15 million for the victims’ family.

    “Based on the latest report, 21 people die. Nineteen of them have been identified, while the rest two are still being examined,” said Juliari in the middle of inspecting the flooding location in East Jakarta.

    Juliari hoped that the death toll will not continue to increase. "Hopefully, the flood will recede, so there are no more casualties," he said.

    Based on the ministry data, victims died because of hypothermia are M Ali (82), Siti Hawa (72), and Willi Surahman (54), residents of Cipinang Melayu, East Jakarta.

    Residents of Pangkalan Jati Baru, Cinere, Depok, namely Rumsinah (68), NN (8), and Amelia (27), died following landslides in the region.

    Another victim Arfiqo Alif (16), a resident of Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, died due to electric shock, while Kusmiyati (30), a resident of Tanah Sereal, Bogor, because of the landslide.

    Other victims from Bogor, Marsdianto (20), Asri (45), M Hudri (24), Carli (5), Rumsah (60), Amri (60), Cicih (10), and Saroh (25) who are residents of Sinar Harapan Village, Sukajaya District, as well as Hilman (15) from Jasinga, Idrus (50) and Nurjen (47) from Nanggung District died as they were swept away by the strong flood current.