BPS Frets Constant Flooding May Cause Inflation



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Head Suhariyanto spoken up about the impacts of flooding in several regions. He predicted that the natural disaster might affect the inflation rate in January 2020.

    “Of course, constant flooding will cause an impact,” said Suhariyanto on Thursday, January 2.

    However, as long as the flood does not affect the supply and distribution, which are the driving component of inflation, the impact will not be significant. “But there must be an impact.”

    Suhariyanto pinned hope the flood will not hit Jakarta further. “We hope this disaster will end,” he said.

    Several Jakarta areas are inundated by flood for the past two days, including the agency's central office in Central Jakarta. Today, the statistics agency is scheduled to announce the inflation report in December 2019.

    Suhariyanto who has been in the office since morning went outside the building with his rolled pants and sandals. “I think no one will come, but they are thrilled to work,” said he during the release.

    The BPS recorded the inflation rate in December 2019 at 0.34 percent with the consumer price index (CPI) at 139.07. Out of 82 cities included in the CPI, 72 cities were recorded to experience inflation, while the rest ten cities experienced deflation.