Garda Satwa Foundation: Never Leave Pets Caged During Floods



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following the widespread floods, animal welfare group Garda Satwa Foundation made a public reminder for pet owners living in the Jakarta Greater Area (Jabodetabek) to never leave their pets tied or locked inside pet cages.

    “Pet owners who are affected by the floods who could not evacuate their pets with them, make sure your (bird, chicken, dog, or cat)  are not tied or left locked in pet cages,” Garda Satwa Indonesia wrote on its latest Instagram post on Wednesday, January 1.

    They also assert that the least a pet owner could do is to give their pets the chance to save themselves. 

    Garda Satwa, which was established since 2014, also announced that they are not able to reply to the many rescue requests from pet owners, which during the floods saw a sudden spike in pet rescue calls. This is due to the group’s animal shelters that were heavily affected by the constant rainfall from Tuesday to Wednesday. 

    Garda Satwa Foundation, on Instagram, called for pet owners not affected by the floods to temporarily provide shelter for those heavily affected by the floods. They said they are open to whoever is willing to do so and called people to contact them via direct message @gardasatwafoundation on Instagram.