Saturday, 22 February 2020

NTB Backs Edhy Prabowo's Plan to Revoke Lobster Seeds Export Ban



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Mataram - West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) provincial administration has weighed in Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo’s plan to revoke the policy on the ban of lobster seeds export as it beset fishermen and farmers.

    “For the interest of fishermen, we support the revocation of the export ban policy,” said NTB Maritime and Fisheries Agency head Lalu Hamdi in Mataram, Tuesday, December 24.

    According to Hamdi, the Ministerial Decree No. 56 of 2006 issued by Susi Pudjiastuti back when she served as the minister threatened the livelihood of fishermen.

    NTB, he added, has some 10,000 fishermen and 500 lobster farmers. Before the ban took effect, the province caught over 10 million lobster seeds in 2013 which 25 percent of them are pearl lobsters value at Rp30,000 per seed and sand lobster at Rp5,000 per seed with each selling price up to Rp75 billion and Rp37.5 billion, respectively. The total value reached Rp112.5 billion. 

    On Monday, December 23, Lalu Hamdi along with Lombok Lobsters Association held a meeting with the NTB Legislative Council Commission II member Busrah Hasan who seconded Hamdi’s statement.

    “[The policy] must be annulled immediately as it besets national economy,” said Busrah.

    Busrah mentioned that only 5 percent of the caught lobster seeds could grow into adult ones. He recalled that when he served as the NTB Maritime and Fisheries Agency in 1997, his side provided Telong - Elong and Batu Nampar people in Lombok with a total of 1000 floating net cages for the breeding, yet the outcome was poor. “[People] must learn how to cultivate it first,” he said.