Saturday, 22 February 2020

4 Christmas Gift Ideas the Whole Family Can Enjoy



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Instead of individual Christmas gifts for each family member, how about once in a while gift your loved ones with a gift that can be shared or experienced together as a whole, as some might highly value the entire family’s presence rather than a present from one. 

    The following are four suggestions from us that you could consider gifting your loved ones for this year’s Christmas. 

    1. Engaging Kitchen Appliances 

    What constitutes as fun kitchen appliances would certainly exclude the traditional utensils or tools that mother often uses to cook that Ayam Rica or roast turkey. Consider buying something that the children can make together with mom or dad for those special family events, such as soda makers, popcorn makers, ice cream makers, or a baking set for that gingerbread you always wanted to make. 

    1. Book a Family Vacation!

    Consider taking your family on a vacation, either overseas or out of town, anywhere that suits your budget. You can either travel by train if you prefer the journey as a holiday itself, or book flights so you can spend more time at your holiday destination. Either way, this gift will surely be one to remember. 

    1. Major Household Appliances 

    Have you considered buying your family a new household appliance for this Christmas? Try picking appliances that are engageable for the whole family and can be a reason to look for at the next family gathering. Many home appliances get into this category, such as a gaming device, TV, billiard table, or maybe a massage chair. 

    1. Bicycles for the Family 

    Okay, this one could be considered as an individual Christmas gift, however, if bought as a complete family set, it can unite the family in outdoor activities for your Sundays and other day-offs in the future. Imagine spending time with the kids during their semester vacations in bicycle adventures.