Densus 88 Arrests Two Terror Suspects in Tanah Datar



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Police's Counterterrorism Squad Densus 88 arrested two suspected terrorists in Baringin Village, Lima Kaum Sub-district, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra Province, on Friday night, a police spokesman stated.

    "We have yet to receive detailed information on that, but it is true that Densus 88 has made the arrest," Chief of the West Sumatra Provincial Police's Public Relations Service Senior Commissioner Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto remarked on Saturday.

    Densus is yet conducting investigation into the two suspected terrorists following their arrest, he added.

    "Densus 88 is still investigating the case," he stated.

    The two suspected terrorists have not been taken to Jakarta for further questioning since Densus 88 is yet investigating the case, he remarked.

    He noted that Densus 88 had coordinated with the West Sumatra Provincial Police before making the arrest.

    "Of course, they communicated with us to arrest them," he confirmed.