Raja Ampat Divers Dispatched to Save Distressed Manta Ray



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The department of Raja Ampat conservation's divers are currently in search of the manta ray that is reportedly entangled in what seems to be fishing nets. This incident involving one of Indonesia’s protected animals was reported by tourists on December 15. 

    Head agency Safri said on Wednesday, December 18, that the team of divers was immediately tasked to a rescue mission tracking down the distressed manta ray once the report was filed the day before.   

    However, in searching five areas within the perimeter of the manta rays’ habitat spread across manta sendy, way, fam, and yefnabi, the team only identified seventeen manta rays but failed to find the animal in question. 

    “Today we continue our search within the Raja Ampat conservation area to search for the manta ray tangled in fishing lines,” said Safri.

    Previously on December 15, 2019. A tourist saw the distressed manta ray and took pictures of the animal while diving at the Papua Diving resort area. The image has since distributed to animal rescue organizations and conservation communities.