Chinese Ambassador Meets Moeldoko to Discuss Uighur Minorities



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - China’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Xiao Qian, met with Indonesian Presidential Staff Moeldoko on Tuesday in a bilateral meeting to clarify about the condition of the Uighur Muslim minorities in China.

    The ambassador openly invited Indonesians to China and witness for themselves the country’s treatment for the minority group. 

    “You are welcomed to pay visit and meet the Uighur muslim community,” said Xiao Qian as stated in the presidential staff office’s press release on December 17.

    Xiao’s meeting with Moeldoko comes after the international news report alleging the Chinese government’s repressive tendency toward the minority group. The ambassador also assured that Xinjiang, the area where the ethnic minority is accommodated, is safe. 

    “The issue in Xinjiang is similar to what is happening worldwide, this is our attempt to fight radicalism and terrorism,” said Xiao referring to the ethnic camps in the city. 

    Xiao Qian and Moeldoko also discussed about China’s commitment to the bilateral economic trade between the two countries. China’s recent 83 percent investment growth, which amounts to a total of USd3.3 billion, ranks the country second after Singapore. 

    Responding to Xinjiang’s Uighur issue, Moeldoko says he understands that it is a domestic matter and mentioned about the struggle to fight hoaxes, as Indonesia has once faced. Apart from the ongoing bilateral investments and trade, Moeldoko was apprehensive about China’s decision to relocate 33 of its corporations, which saw none of them being relocated to Indonesia.