Tigers Face Dying Food Source; BKSDA: Humans are More Predatory



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Lahat, South Sumatra, suspects that the local tigers’ diminishing food source had driven tigers to roam out of its territory and venture to areas near residential areas. 

    The BKSDA Lahat chairman Martialis Puspito said that the food source in question is wild animals that are mostly hunted by tigers, such as deer, forest goats, and pigs. All animals mentioned have been massively hunted by human hunters, which has bothered the food chain. 

    “The numerous hunting activities have forced the tigers to escape its territory [in search of food],” said Martialis. 

    The recent death in South Sumatra due to a tiger attack is also said to be caused by the tiger’s prey that has diminished within the conservation area. 

    The tigers in South Sumatra come from two pocket regions; Bukit Dingin that is as vast as 63,000 hectares across Lahat District, Pagaralam City, Empat Lawang District. While the second area is the 282,000-hectare Jambul Patah Nanti that spreads from Lahat, Pagaralam, and Muara Enim. 

    “We also urge the government to be able to suppress the number of poachers and illegal loggers to preserve the tigers’ livelihood,” said Martialis.