Ahok Lauds Javanese-style KFC Store in Solo



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Solo - The former governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP), known as Ahok, attended the opening of the 700th store of KFC Indonesia in Solo, Central Java, today, December 5. He claimed he was amazed at the traditional Javanese-style outlet.

    "Out of all KFC stores in Indonesia, this is the most unique,” said BTP, Thursday, December 5.

    Unlike other modern-style outlets, the fast-food chain store in Solo presented materials suited to Javanese cultures which could be seen from the ornaments, such as traditional puppet or wayang Gubungan, onthel bicycle, up to English-language signs in Javanese alphabet. The ceiling was also designated in Kawung batik patterns.

    “I hope KFC outlets in other regions will be like this,” said the chief commissioner of Pertamina. According to Basuki, the design of an outlet should have been adjusted to the local customs and cultures.

    Despite the international brand, BTP said KFC Indonesia filled with high local content. “The chicken is purchased from the region. Only the seasoning brought from abroad,” he added.

    Ahok mentioned chickens for the store in Solo were supplied from Boyolali. “So the food is still fresh,” he said, claiming to be a long-time customer.

    The franchise holder of KFC Indonesia, PT Fast Food Indonesia, general manager Hendra Yunianto explained that his side deliberately presented traditional style for the store which was coincided with the celebration of the 40th years of KFC Indonesia themed "Tetap Original" or stay original.