Govt Critic Rocky Gerung Defends Right to Speak Out Freely



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Lecturer and government critic Rocky Gerung said his criticism belittling President Jokowi’s understanding of the Pancasila (five state ideologies) is his right to practice freedom of speech. He also questions people who disagree with his statement. 

    “Because I’m a free man, I am capable of making decisions. Criticizing or lauding. I choose to criticize. Why am I being blamed? That’s an astonishing logic,” said Rocky to Tempo on Wednesday, December 4. 

    He argues that interpreting comments commending the government as the product of free speech is misconstrued and asserts that free speech in its principle should be understood as a person’s ability to form an opinion; either in support or against the government. 

    Moreover, Rocky showed support and encouraged PDIP politician Junimart Girsang who openly said that he would file a police report against Rocky in a televised show on Tuesday. Junimart argues that Rocky questioning President Jokowi’s knowledge of the Pancasila is a legal offense. 

    “That would be great to open a discourse so that we can discuss Pancasila at an endowed stage,” said Rocky Gerung who said Junimart’s idea of considering Jokowi as a state symbol is misconstrued.