Sandiaga Uno: Jakarta Sees Hike in Unemployment Rate



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaSandiaga Uno, a politician from the Gerindra party, claimed Jakarta Province sees a hike in the unemployment rate by 50,000 people from June until November 2019.

    “For the past six months, the unemployment number raises by 50,000 people in Jakarta,” said Sandiaga when giving training for students of Vocational High School SMK 51 Cipayung, East Jakarta, Wednesday, December 4.

    Based on the analysis of the former deputy governor of Jakarta, the increase is attributable to the mismatch between the education curriculum and the skills needed for industries.

    “Many complain that these children, after graduating from vocational schools, are still unemployed because lacking required skills,” he added.

    Therefore, Sandiaga asserted that there should be a link and match between skills and existing industries providing employment.