INSA Wants Foreign Investment Limited



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Carmelita Hartoto, chair of the Indonesian National Commercial Shipping Entrepreneurs Association (INSA), asked the government to limit foreign investments in the shipping sector. Carmelita wants foreign investment to be focused on certain types of ships only; those with high technology.

    "Because we have more than enough flag-bearing domestic vessels; around 27,200 in 2019. With that many ships we also have various types," she said after meeting President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace Complex, Wednesday, December 4.

    With that in mind, Carmelita asked the government to include her request in the preparation of the omnibus law. 

    "We do not rule out the possibility of foreigners investing in Indonesia, but only in special vessels. We have conveyed to the president what type of ships," she said.

    According to Carmelita, we must not let the omnibus law, which aims to facilitate incoming investment, actually turns off local entrepreneurs. She said the Indonesian shipping industry has now developed and has many types of ships.

    She also said that President Jokowi responded well to the complaints of these entrepreneurs and promised to process it immediately.  

    Meanwhile, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said President Jokowi basically wanted the shipping industry to host its own country. "Mr. President appreciates the request," he said.