Luxury Cars' Tax Arrears in Jakarta Worth Rp37bn



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaCity tax and retribution agency or BPBD recorded that a total of 1,100 luxury cars in the capital are still in tax arrears as per today, December 4. The administration appealed to car owners to immediately make a payment until the year’s end.

    The agency head Faisal Syarifuddin said the total tax arrears amounted to Rp37 billion, and there are over 1,500 high-price cars in the metropolitan.

    “The potential tax from luxury vehicles reaches Rp48 billion. We have collected some Rp11 billion so we are pursuing the rest Rp37 billion,” said Faisal at the police administration office (Samsat) today.

    In order to achieve the tax collection target, the agency in synergy with a joint team will directly visit taxpayers in their homes. Through this door-to-door system, Faisal expected to pass the goal.

    Faisal reiterated that vehicles categorized as luxury goods are those having value over Rp1 billion. “We will track all areas across the city to meet those taxpayers in arrears of car tax,” he added.

    Today, Faisal went on, a joint team visited residences of two taxpayers who have not paid the tax of their luxury cars in South Jakarta, based on the domicile address noted in the vehicle registration certificates (STNK).