Police Examine CCTV to Reveal Source of Monas Blast



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe police have examined the CCTV cameras installed near the site of the explosion in the National Monument or Monas to unveil the incident, which is only a few hundred away from the state palace.

    The monument’s administration head Arista Nurbaya explained the police have reviewed recordings on a total of 52 units of CCTV across the 80-hectare tourist areas.

    “The CCTV cameras belong to Jakarta Smart City,” said Arista at her office today, Dec. 3.

    The explosion, she added, was heard until the management office at around 07:16 a.m. By the time they were informed that it was allegedly caused by grenades, the management closed off the area for tourists until 10:00 a.m.

    “After the security authorities announced that the condition is safe for public visit, we resume the normal service as usual,” she said.

    According to Arista, there are two systems of CCTV in the areas: one installed inside the monument is managed by the management, and the other one is controlled by Jakarta Smart City.

    “We have delivered it to the police for investigative reasons,” Arista said.

    A blast reportedly hit Monas this morning was allegedly due to smoke grenade. The explosion injured two military (TNI) personnel who were exercising in the area that precisely located in the park across the Home Affairs Ministry office.