Monas Area Sterilized After Smoke Grenade Injures Two People



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Police have closed off the public roads in the vicinity of the National Monument, or Monas, following the explosion that happened in the park’s area this morning that reportedly injured one adult male. 

    “At 08:37 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) the National Police closed off the road leading to Merdeka Utara from Merdeka Timur,” police announced from its official Twitter account @TMCPoldaMetro. This area is known to be the inner perimeter of the Presidential Palace. 

    Previously, Spokesman for the Jakarta military command (Kodam Jaya) Lieutenant Colonel Czi Zulhandrie S. Mara confirmed that there was indeed an explosion at Jakarta’s National Monument (Monas) area on Tuesday, December 3. 

    “Yes, everyone’s investigating it. Police personnel are also into it,” Zulhandrie confirmed to Tempo this morning. 


    The latest information obtained by Tempo’s source suggests that the explosion at the park inside Monas was caused by a smoke grenade. This explosion injured two military members who were exercising in the area of the park that is located directly across the Home Affairs Ministry’s HQ. 

    No further detail has been announced other than the statement from the Metro Jaya Police Chief Gen. Gatot Eddy Pramono who said a detailed explanation will be announced in an upcoming press conference. “We will issue a press release soon.”