Cargloss Launch Special Helmets for Women Donning Hijabs



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Helmet manufacturer Cargloss is currently attempting to enter a niche helmet segment by offering an open-face helmet tailored for women who wear hijabs. They claim that the Indonesian market regarding hijab users are quite promising. 

    “The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslims and women have always ridden motorcycles, which is why we created this helmet,” said Cargloss research and development, Maman Haruman at the Cargloss booth in the motorcycle event ‘IIMS Motobike Expo 2019’ on Sunday. 

    The first distinct feature is the available color options that are made to mimic the soft pastel color palettes and secondly - which is arguably the main feature -  is the helmet’s interior that is shaped to accommodate the ‘bun’ of a woman’s hijab. 

    “Women donning hijabs will not feel agitated (or pressure points) on their head [when they wear the helmet]. They will feel comfortable as we designed the helmet to accommodate the ‘hair bun’ area,” said Cargloss’ R&D. 

    Cargloss maintains that the changes have not compromised the safety elements of its special ‘hijab helmets’ which is sold at a starting price of Rp270,000.