National Exams Gone, Academic Portfolio Offered as Alternative



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following Minister Nadiem Makarim’s plan to erase the concept of national exams (UN), observers in the field of education suggested a number of evaluation methods that could someday replace the UN concept. One of which goes with the idea of students presenting their academic work portfolio throughout their education. 

    An observer from the Center for Education Regulations and Development Analysis (Cerdas), Indra Charismiadji, suggests that future students must be mentally built to graduate and create jobs, instead of preparing them to work as employees. 

    This is the best alternative according to Indra, especially if this is where the education system is headed. He says a student’s academic work portfolio will be evaluated as a means to achieve graduation. 

    “A student’s work from I-XIII grade will be gathered and presented. Later on, they must explain their portfolio,” said Indra in an interview published in Tempo’s newspaper, Koran Tempo on Saturday, November 30. 

    Indra suggests students should be groomed to be able to create works in aspects they are interested in, and that aligns with their talent. Examples of such concepts are academic works in the field of games, musical department, dance, robotics, literature, animation, or research. 

    “If needed, the scoring can also be influenced by public opinion. It could depend on the number of viewers for example. This teaches the skills to collaborate, communicate, and forge creativity,” said Indra. 

    To further align with Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Nadiem Makarim’s views, teachers will no longer be responsible for teaching but will also act as facilitators in the project-based education process that eliminates national exams.