Nadiem Makarim Upholds Civil Society's Role to Improve Education



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Nadiem Makarim said he yearns for civil society's participation in the creation of a sustainable change on Indonesia’s education system. 

    “I think many activities that used to be handled by the government can be the responsibility of the civil society. Not that the government is unable to bear the task but it’s an issue of sustainability,” said Nadiem at the Indonesian education conference held at the ministry’s headquarters on Saturday, November 30. 

    The GoJek founder and former CEO said innovations or viral integration will be able to spark new cultures that will benefit society in general. 

    “Innovation and integration is the product of ideas clashing with each other which will create new cultures, behaviors, and mindsets,” said the state minister. He asserts that the three aforementioned aspects are the most efficient to spark positive changes. 

    “Especially culture, that is the most scaleable software in society. It acts similar to a standard operating procedure that does not need budgets, policies, or rules. But don’t forget, that can have its positives and negatives too,” said Nadiem Makarim. 

    Despite his sense of optimism, Nadiem Makarim admits that his Ministry is still not able to find a perfect mechanism that is able to accommodate the role of civil society. He says such a mechanism is needed to control and oversee this system and prevent it from being misused. 

    “We have yet found the perfect formula. But we constantly are trying to design it with ladies and gentlemen [in this ministry] where we constantly brainstorm out of the box on a daily basis,” said Nadiem Makarim